In an ancient world of Cawaii, there lived thousands of Cawaii cats. Chasing toys, fighting, sleeping, jumping like crazy all equally treated as Gods. It was a perfect world with only one sacred rule "Do not kill". One day, a group of Cawaii’s was climbing up the mountain and suddenly saw a new plant growing. With them curious about this, they bought it back to the village and experimented on it! They tested it on their lab, studied it for months and none! No one knew what it was. With them being curious, they tried to eat it and thought it could be a food but no! It influenced them and turned them crazyyyyy! The plant they ate was a Catnip and now, they cant get enough! It was an addiction! Who wouldnt? It gave them tremendous amounts of energy!

They shared it with the village and all of them went crazy! However, some of them started to want it for themselves and not sharing it. Due to greed, they started to fight each other and killing for Catnips! This war divided the world in two groups. Good Cawaii’s and Crazy Cawaii’s. Crazy Cawaii’s only mission was to produce tons and tons of Catnips while Good Cawai’s goal was to control it as it broke their sacred rule and was dangerous if abused! With the Crazy’s getting powerful everyday, Good one’s are asking for help to different Cawaii’s. Cawaii’s who are unique, rare or even Legendary’s iin order to stop the Crazies from conquering the world!

The goods one’s have came to recruit, lots on their side including Kobe Cawaii, Spitting rainbow Cawaii, Unicorn Cawaii, Doctor and Karate Cawaii’s. They thought they we’re winning but the Crazy ones were doing the same and recruited a one of a kind Cawaii, a Legendary,one out of a thousand! They got Spider Cawaii on their side! Spoiling him with Catnips! Two sides are on the verge of engaging into a war soon! Who’s going to win? Who will have more Cawaii’s on their side? Who are the rares? Legendary’s? Will have to see more of it soon!

Story by:

Cawaii Cardano Cats CNFT

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