Cawaii Cats are Here!

Cawaii Cardano Cats is a collection of unique randomly generated cat NFTs. Each cat comes with a random set of traits and origins that create the cutest combination that will melt your heart. When you mint a Cawaii Cardano Cats, you have joined the most exclusive NFT group and you become a member of the Cawaii Crew!

Cawaii Showcase

Legendary Cats

Cawaii Showcase

Cawaii Showcase

Why a Cawaii Cat?

On top of owning these Cawaii (cute) and unique NFTs, holders of Cawaii Cardano Cats (CCC) will become exclusive members of our Cawaii Community. A friendly, positive and forward minded community is the recipe for success. Oh, and we're cute too. Members will qualify for future whitelists, members only contests and giveaways!

Benefits for the Cawaii Crew


Decide the future of Cawaii Cardano Cats


Cute Cat art?
Who could say no to these Cawaii Cats

Online Events

Community meetings, competitions,
and giveaways

Exclusive Merchandise

Limited edition merchandise to
show off your Cawaii Cats and
represent the community


Be with your people!
Open minded and friendly individuals
who share your interests

Meet the Team

Star Decorations Mobile


Co-Founder and
Art Director

4 years of experience as illustrator.
Educational background in Art and Design.
Likes to draw things that put smiles on people's faces.


Co-Founder and Team Lead

Background in Business Management and Marketing.
Crypto enthusiast and NFT collector. Runs the project team.



Background in web development as well as Cardano.


Marketing Specialist

Crypto enthusiast, marketing expert, community builder.
Background in Business Marketing and Technology.



Community Moderator.
Likes to answer messages and play games.


Will there be a whitelist?

There will be a total of 700 whitelist spots available through our discord community contests and giveaways. Each whitelist position will grant pre-sale access for two Cawaii Cardano Cats. Any Cawaii Cats left without an owner after pre-sales have ended will be available for public sale.

How much will it cost to mint?

40 ADA for both presale and public sale.


Presale: 14 January 2022
Public Sale: 15 January 2022

How many Cawaii Cats?

We have reserved 300 cats to giveaway in competitions and holder airdrops. 200 of these will be given out to random holders at 60% minting milestone. And the last 100 will be given out after launch as the rewards and giveaways.

Where can I view my Cawaii Cats?

To see your Cat, simply copy and paste your wallet address into the following sites:

Which wallet should I use?

Send the ADA from only Nami /Yoroi/Daedalus wallets or any other wallet compatible Cardano native tokens. Do NOT use any exchange platforms like Binance, KuCoin, Coinbase, FTX.

Curious about the future of Cawaii Cats?

Check out our litepaper!

Cawaii Cardano Cats CNFT

Cawaii Cat as Logo